People who like to click pictures are well aware of the importance of file format. Though most of the people are only aware of the JPEG file format. There are others too. JPEG is a compressed file. While the RAW file is the original file which the camera produced. It can be said the photo negative. Editing in raw is very good as it doesn’t affect the quality much. Almost all the professional photographers use the RAW format for clicking pictures. There are many apps and websites which provides free RAW photo editor which can help you edit your pictures.

Understanding the RAW format

The most significant reason to capture RAW pictures is that they are practically indestructible. The reason for this simple, when you’re making alterations to a RAW file, you aren’t doing anything to the original image. But instead, you are making a set of new instruction for another type of files. These other types of format are:

  1. JPEG
  2. PNG

Most of the people only use JPEG file. It is a compressed version of RAW. While clicking pictures in RAW will make the file a bit bigger than JPEG.

Raw photo Processing

Most of the time RAW photo files are also called as digital negatives. There was a time that capturing images in RAW format could only be done through the big and expensive camera. These days this feature comes in almost all of the cameras. Editing RAW pictures are the best because it doesn’t compromise much with the quality of the image. There are certain advantages of clicking pictures in RAW:

  • Best quality
  • Maximum brightness
  • Can edit pictures without losing quality
  • Adjust white balance easier and faster

The above reasons are enough to understand the importance of a RAW image. There are many websites which may teach you many other advantages of clicking RAW images.