How many times, in front of the paperwork records of a company reception have you felt so frustrated and you thought: “What a bore! Do I have to register?

And how many times after registration did you have to wait for your contact person to be notified that invariably was not available and you had to wait out several minutes if not hours?

Or have you ever had to queue for the registration process, perhaps in the middle of a corporate event?

And finally, how many times have you forgotten to sign the exit and have been chased on the square by the receptionist? And then, looking at the paper register, maybe you’ve seen a known name of a competitor who was received before you or an acquaintance who interviewed you!

A good management system for company entries is a very important aspect: both for the company image and for its privacy and security.

In this short article, I would like to tell you about my experience as a visitor to a very prestigious company where recording my entry into the company was almost fun. Numerous check-in software has been developed: an innovative solution that allows you to manage business visitors simply and completely.

Here’s how it Went While I Used the System

At the entrance I was invited to type my data on a very simple and intuitive screen: name, surname, email, company contact, photo, and signature.

Upon completion, my badge was printed,and I was delivered.

I did not have time to sit down that my referent came to welcome me and my release was registered with a click!

It was a lot simple and fun which made me happy at the moment. This was because this company have a very efficient front desk which was aided with visitor management systems

Having a Good Business Visitor Management System, it Allows

  • Your company to have greater security and control: it is, in fact, essential to check that the guest does not access restricted areas and it is equally essential to ensure his safety while in the company’s building.
  • Your visitors to get a good first impression: avoiding unnecessary waits, misunderstandings with the receptionist and, why not, unwanted meetings.

And how do you welcome visitors to your company? Do you have control of entrances, exits, appointments, access areas? If you do, your company is good to go!