This is a one file archiving result allowing you to use any device as 2nd tier storage. This program features full support for DFS, de-duplication, replication, compression as well as unlike any other software for archiving because it lets you use any SAN, NAS or other device as storage for your old files that are unstructured. There is no point where they use a database to store files, pointers to files or file meta data. It is pure NTFS from beginning to ending.


This program was 1st released to the market in 2002 and ArchiverFS is now in use with a huge assortment of organizations around the world, many which are household names.

Unique among other products

It stands among archiving products as being quite exclusive for network storage; SMB shares as well as Windows file servers. There is no point where they use a database to store files, file meta data or pointers to files. Instead, they use normal files as well as folders; it is merely NTFS from start to finish.

Unique approach

Their exclusive method makes ArchiverFS extremely scalable and cost effective. It provides it users with the cost-effective way to archive old files conceivable, being able to archive massive number of files over the network to 2nd tier storage like a SAS or NAS while requiring only a small footprint on the host system. It enables the user to move, store and then end the life of old unstructured files from your system in a controlled and cost-effective manner, which helps the company to tackle challenges like GDPR as well as Data Protection compliance.

In addition

Additionally, to their unique approach for the storage of old files, only functionality that is already included natively in the Windows operating system is used. ArchiverFS does not need the installation by technicians onto your workstations or servers, making distribution a breeze.

Hardware agnostic

ArchiverFS allows you to move files that are old from any UNC target to any other UNC pathway over the entire network using a range of criteria including age, size or, type. The target this company uses to migrate your old files to can be any NAS device, iSCSl volume, CIFS share, VM or even cloud storage on Azure, Amazon AWS, or even Google Cloud. Just if the target as well as the source volumes are both formatted with NTFS and are common to the network with SMB then the content can be moved and managed between them.

No Proprietary Storage,

There is no point where they attempt to store files (or even information on archived files) in a database. This is vital as it offers enormous scalability as well as makes ArchiverFS so efficient. The largest amount of data handled by this software is 3.4 Petabyte of data that is unstructured data, done using only one license for Datacenter edition, installed on a small VM with 4 vCPUs and 6GB of RAM.

Usershave instant access to content

 When a user clicks on a link left behind in place of an archived file all the IO goes right from the user’s workstation right to the file. There is nothing in the way meaning that users don’t have to sit waiting for an item to be returned to live system prior to themhaving access to it. Any file that needs to be returned to the live system is returned by the daily maintenance program that runs during off hours. All information about where every file has been archived to is preserved in the file system itself with the use of directory structures and properties.

Multiple kinds of links 

Many stubs are obtainable to pickto be left in place of the files when they are migrated, including links that are seamless and act like the real item. Both folder and files level shortcuts much like the Windows traditional shortcuts and can be used, and these offer the benefit of being more compatibility and even can be used by Apple Macs by using an add-in such as ‘Win Shortcutter’.

Select 3-tier storage structure

This Includes Archived, Live and Graveyard phases. This private feature allows ArchiverFS to develop a real“Hierarchical Storage Management” systemand move your old files for only a fraction of the cost of a “traditional file archiving programs”. Click here to find out more.

In addition to key features above, you can also get:

  • Installation that is supported on all versions of Windows from 2003 Serve on, including Windows Storage Server and Server 2016;
  • Compatibility that is seamless with compression part of Windows, Windows Server de-duplication, MS Search Server, DFS (Distributed File System), SAN based repetition and SDS;
  • Established creation with a large customer base. ArchiverFS is in use with a wide variety of organizations from multi-billion-dollar global companies to military independents, law enforcement, government institutes, universities and everything in between in well over 40 countries;
  • Permissions and qualities that are always 100% conserved thanks to the use of pure NTFS for 2nd line storage.
  • Unique everyday maintenance job that returns recently used files back to the live system and precisely replicates each items permissionfrom the live system to the 2nd line storage;
  • Full Unicode backing for most of the file system character sets in the world including English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and many more.

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